Nido No More

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Nido No More

There's been a name change, you say?

Y'all... This has been such a difficult decision.

But after almost a year and a half of my computer Auto Correcting Nido to "No", people mispronouncing Nido, people thinking I misspelled Neato, and people not knowing how to spell Nido when searching for me, this seemingly simple name has caused too many problems.

How my business came to be.

I never had any interest in sewing. My daughters were chunky babies, and we cloth diapered - when my oldest was an infant, I couldn't get her pants over her thighs, let alone her tush! And if I did, the elastic waistband was so tight on her, it would leave a mark. ūüėě

I felt so defeated.
Even trying larger sizes just increased length and not much size.
Eventually, I found some special pants for cloth diapers, but it wasn't financially sustainable to continue buying them.

The solution.

Thankfully, my mother in-law had gifted us a sewing machine for our wedding over 4 years earlier, yet every time I pulled it out of the box, it intimidated me, and I shoved it back in and put it away. But now my daughter needed pants... And sleep sacks... And cloth wipes... And I wanted more nursing scarves...

Dear reader, take a sewing class. Don't do what I did. I do not recommend the six weeks of swearing method. And for goodness sakes, don't have your first project include A ZIPPER! What lunatic.
But I did it. I started making items for my daughter and myself, and enough people started asking me to make items for them that I filed for a business, learned about compliance, registered with the proper entities, and started getting goodies to people!

What does this have to do with my name change?
My original goal was to fundraise enough money to open a local organic coffee shop with classrooms for postpartum support, birthing classes, babywearing classes, cloth diapering classes, cloth diaper laundering classes, kids art classes, baby and me exercise classes, babywearing exercise, dad nights, mom nights, etc., and provide a family-friendly, nursing-friendly lounge to enjoy your food drinks and kids (Idaho was the only state remaining without laws to protect breastfeeding mothers in public at the time, and that was where we lived at this time). There would be a kids play area, a mini photo studio (I used to be a photographer), and a boutique area where we'd sell items made by local work at home moms, like me.

I'd hire moms and work with their families’ schedules. I'd be sure to hire bilingual employees everyone really feels at home, including the growing population of Latinx and refugee families.

I wanted this to feel like a nest where you could come to relax, buy decor for your nest, buy clothing to help you in your nesting process, and find a community. And thus, Nido Design Studios, llc. was born.

Nido is Spanish for Nest.

It's that simple.

But when we decided not to do a Kickstarter to make this facility become a reality right away, it turned out that... Well, I'm just some lady with a business name that makes no sense, yet. And I likely wouldn’t  have the capital to open a brick and mortar location for a while longer, say 5-10 years.
It is more logical to just change the name and open my dream store when it makes fiscal sense, and at that point the business name will be permanent, but I'll still work hard to make it friendly to all families in the area. But my heart aches losing the name.

 Plus, I want my business name to be able to grow with me, however this shop evolves.

Until then, I'm just happy I'm no longer sewing out of a closet, and created an actual studio out of one of our rooms in my smoke-free, pet-free, sticky toddler-fingerprinted home.

And I'll dream that someday, someday soon, I hope to open our community nest. [:

The New Name

I was really looking for a new name that tied into the nest theme, would let me slightly keep my bird in the logo that I worked hard to handmake, but be better for the business.
I texted my husband a LONG list of adjectives, asking him to imagine each one as either "The [insert Adjective] Nest" or "The [insert Adjective] Nester". He very quickly responded, "More like Neurotic..." And there you have it, folks. My husband teased me, and I ran with it!

 The Neurotic Nester 

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

**UPDATE to add that we’ve since moved across the country, moved out of state again five years later, added more children to our family (somewhat edited above), and the shop has shifted focus from ready-to-ship and custom sewing apparel and accessories, to digital sewing pattern & tutorial PDFs, to coloring books and ornament gift tags, and is evolving constantly with our changing family needs and interests. More surprises are in the works, so stay tuned!

Peace and blessings to you and yours, and thank you for your support!


 Originally posted September 15, 2016

 Updated April 7, 2023

~Heather B